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I think I broke the record.

Goodness me... It's a long time since I wrote.
The Tasmanian tour was wonderful, I visited with hundreds of gals made even more special by the company of friends. Joan from Minnesota and Pat from Launceston.
Joan and I caught the boat on the 21st of February, and I got her to the plane on time the morning of our arrival in Melbourne. My trusty man with the cultured English voice in the GPS guided me through the Melbourne traffic to the airport and then down to Geelong.
Next was melbourne.
The inaugural Australasian Quilt Convention was a huge success and I was excited to be involved as a Tutor. ( I think my students were handpicked... What a great bunch). I get to visit and compare most of the major conventions around the world and now Australia can be counted.... This event will grow and show.... Thanks a million to Greg and Judy for taking quilting seriously and putting us on the map.
No time to blog....I ran my little feet off... Up early to give a lecture, and 300 gals sharing breakfast with me was a buzz.... Class all day and then the evening functions.... Gals... I didn't have time to breathe. I got to chat with hundreds of folks, so thanks a million for visits and the laughs.
Book in early for next year folks You won't be disappointed. Trust me.

The drive home from Melbourne with my Ipod turned up loud completed an 8 week stint away from home. It was just lovely to put on my jamas and sit by the TV with a coffee... But it doesn't last for long... Preparations for my next trip took precedence.

One of the reasons for not keeping up the blog when I returned home was that I have had a problem with my telephone line.... It appears the line was hit by lightning and pretty much destroyed...This has been going on for over 5 months... Now I have broadband and just a few more glitches to sort out I will be back to normal... Just in time for me to go away again.

OK so how did I break the record. On Saturday I think I taught the largest quilting class in Australia. 185 students at once.

The South Australian Quilt Guild have a yearly Country Forum. This year it was held in the Ballroom at the Burnside Community centre. Excited car and bus loads of gals came from all over the State. The idea is to involve the country folk in the guild functions. Maxine Smith (el Presidente ) held the floor and Sandy Jones and her band of helpers, cooked, prepared goody bags and worked exceedingly hard to make this a day to be remembered.
We had great speakers, Michelle Hill sharing her knowledge about William Morris and a couple of male quilters spoke too... I gave a presentation on "An Australian in Houston"... then a Drapplique class to be remembered. We used Digital Technology to put the project up on screen and then I walked through the process of drapplique step by step. 186 gals completed two small projects. There were tables up stairs and down... and I worked from the stage running from one table to another in between. Manager Jeanette assisted as well and I think we did it gals...!!!!!!
What a buzz.

The weekend finished with a hard working retreat for the Retreating Angels at Aldinga and now I'm preparing for Toowoomba on Wednesday.... not much time to sit in the Jamas folks... but what a way to go.

Happiness is not a goal, - it's a by product. Eleanor Roosevelt